Another book review: NJFV

  cover photo.jpg  Since I recently did a post re: the recipe from my cookbook for Russian Beet Borscht, I thought I would share this review from Really Natural, which I received in my inbox a couple of days ago. This is a fun read !!

Although my cookbook has been reviewed many times already (and there are several in the works, thank you!!) I never fail to get a kick out of  reading a new article about my work. Always some new insight and in the case of blogs, a more personal feel ( I think) to add to the read. Thanks to Mikko and Brian for the kind words. Happy Cooking ðŸ™‚

Read the entire review at:  Really Natural


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  1. I find it so fascinating that you’re a cookbook author. Was this your first one? Were you asked to write this by a publisher? Or did you just write it and then shop it around? Do you have an editor? So many questions!!

  2. Hi Kim, This is my second book, first cookbook though and another one in the works. It’s a LONG story, with many twists and turns along the way. The good news has been so much positive feedback and reviews and it ain’t over yet! Have you tried any of the recipes from my cookbook yet? Let me know how it goes, if you do.
    I just stopped by your blog awhile ago, really enjoying your posts! Thanks for the help re: plug-ins. BFN, Geraldine 🙂

  3. Geraldine, congratulations on the good cookbook review. I DO intend to buy one, just have to get a little extra money first. In the meantime I’ll keep trying recipes here and there when I have time to cook. I heard of a new cookbook that I wondered if you had tried yet….it’s called “Grub: Ideas for an Organic Urban Kitchen” by Anna Lappe and Bryant Terry. Anna Lappe is the daughter of Frances Moore Lappe, of “Diet for a Small Planet” fame. I’m not even sure if it’s totally vegetarian or not but I might look for it at the library….esp. if you think it’s any good!

  4. Hi Caroline, Thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the review of my cookbook, they are always a thrill to read, I am honored by all the positive feedback my work has received and as I said in the post, the ones from blogs generally have a more personal touch. You will have to let me know how you enjoy the recipes from my cookbook. I wrote it with meat-eaters in mind, lots of home-style comfort recipes.
    I am not familiar with the other book you mentioned, that’s kind of cool though that the author is Frances’ daughter. I always mention ‘Diet for a Small Planet’ when I do a presentation or lecture, it was a ground-breaking book when it first was released. I have a very tattered copy that has done a lot of travelling over the years. BFN, Geraldine 🙂

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