A wonderful treasured gift…

 Wanted to share with you a website that features handmade kaleidoscopes and other beautiful handmade gifts and artwork. Galaxy Glass Works features the work of Craig Huber, a very talented artist.

I have the pleasure of owning one of his handmade kaleidoscopes, given to me by Joe and probably the coolest gift I have ever received.  Galaxy Glass Works is part of the Oregon Cottage Industry and I am very impressed by their products, judging by my beautiful kaleiscope and also the art featured on their sites.

I have been fascinated by kaleidoscopes since I was very young. I had one then, a cheap but adequate version for my age, that provided hours of fun and relaxation. The hand-crafted version I now possess is in another class entirely, but it still provides that sense of wonder, the beautiful, ever-changing designs and colors. It's also an excellent stress-buster. Kaleidoscopes are actually being studied as just that, apparently able to lower blood pressure too (maybe just as well as stroking a cat!!!). I just haven't told Mitzi yet.

Hope you enjoy the tour…you might just want your own handmade kaleidoscope too. 🙂http://www.efn.org/~chuber/index.shtml


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