A New (edition) of a Knitting Newsletter…

Just received the March issue of the Lion’s brand newsletter in my inbox, a couple of days ago. Really some fun patterns in this one, a lot of small projects, some new spring gear for canines. Easter bunnies, eggs….even a cartoon that brought a chuckle to my day. That’s right, “keep your hands off my knitting needles!!”

Lion’s has been putting out it’s newsletter for quite a while now I believe, but this is edition really caught my attention. There are so many knitting and crochet books coming out lately featuring smaller projects, it can get a bit overwhelming which (or how many!!) book to buy. So many of the Lion patterns are freebies and that’s always the right price.

I actually have a LARGE (ie overflowing….) binder of knit/crochet patterns that I have already printed off free sites. If I live to be 100 (still knitting of course!!), I probably will get about half of them made. I do try to curb my visits to the craft section in bookstores, just too tempting, even worse than cookbooks. Anyways, if you are looking for some free patterns and a lot of resources for knitters and crocheters on one site, even vintage knit ecards…check out the site link for Lion Brand. BFN 🙂


2 responses

  1. I cannot walk into a bookstore without hitting the Art section. Now it’s double the fun, what with painting and knitting. 🙂 I just take a whole lot longer now. *grin*

  2. Hi there Zee, If you are looking for some cute (one skein) projects, the Lion Brand March newsletter is definitely worth a look (the right price too!)
    The doggie coats are so cute, I wish we had one (dog) to make one for. I am positive Mitzi wouldn’t wear one. A friend brought her a really cute t-shirt (very, very small) from Mexico, years ago, just to try on for a photo at least. No way humans, try on your own t-shirt!!! Do you have any pets?
    BFN, 🙂

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