Mitzi’s Meowy Memo…

Mitzi has now informed me that she thinks her input would improve this blog  A LOT and she has now elected herself, Chief Feline Spokescat  for Veggies, Yarns and Tails. So, without further adieu, I present, live and in feline, the fabulous Mitzi ….  



 Heh you felines and feline-lovers! This is pretty  cool!!!  Finally getting a word in edgewise, hard to get on this computer any day, those two humans are always hogging the keyboard. But, I will try to get my own meow-opinions on here, whenever possible, maybe when it’s feeding time, but not mine …meooooow….   Thought I would share a cool kitty site I found this morning, actually it’s called a directory and includes: games, fashions, web services with a feline flair, lots of other things too. Even the opportunity for humans to ask questions about feline issues. As if, humans know hahaha…but anyways they can try. I haven’t checked out everything on this site, there’s a lot, so please don’t send any complaints to my in-dish. I can’t be responsible, actually like to be irresponsible, especially when I get the house to myself, but that’s another post! Until next time….Meowwww for now  PS: Here’s the site: Meowhoo  


4 responses

  1. Dear Mitzi, finally an intelligent voice on the Internet. Humans really have nothing important to say. Thanks for letting us know about Meowhoo, of course our people had never heard of it. Best wishes from your friends in Rhode Island–Simba, Tiny, & Scout.

  2. Dear Simba, Tiny and Scout, You’ve got that right….These humans think they know it all, NOT!!!! I am actually thinking of starting my own feline blog, if I can only get that credit card out of Meowmie’s purse to get my own email account. Right now, all I have is a free indish….so cheap and definitely not good enough for me.
    Purr, purr to all you guys and hope you visit again soon.
    PS: Your Meowmie has a very interesting blog, I like all the plant talk, just wish I could eat them all, they sound delicious, yummmm…spit-up time!!!!

  3. email friend Elaine

    Mitzi I would like to comment of what a wonderful picture. My name is Boo because my owners got me on Halloween. My mommy got me my own ladder so I can see a long ways away from the windows. I don’t go outside so it is nice to be able to see more.
    I shall go to the new site you had on the blog and see how I like it too. It would be nice to have your own blog but I know your mommy is very very busy and would’t have to to let you use her puter.
    Meowwww and bye

  4. Thanks Boo for the great comment. I have actually seen your photo, you are pretty darn cute!!! I want a ladder too but I do get outside sometimes so maybe that’s just as good. I don’t get on the ‘puter’ much, that’s true but if I could just figure out how to turn it on, when the humans go out, I could take care of things myself meooooowwwwwwwwwww….Say hi to your Meowme from me and I will let you know if I get my own meow-blog,
    Meow for now, Mitzi 🙂

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