These booties were made for walkin’…..

At long last, finally have a pair of slipper socks aka booties that actually FIT!!!

Instead of following my first instincts, I went ahead and made the first couple of pairs according to the instructions, choosing the size that corresponded with the actual length of my foot. Bad decision! The extra-chunky yarn had a lot of stretch. First and also the second (slightly smaller) pairs both ended up too big for me to wear (if I actually wanted to walk down stairs etc…) Looked great though, so both ended up as family gifts (no, they weren’t worn that much, only a short test-walk for each pair and only in the house). Still new and definitely not yet enjoyed!

I had never made slippers or sock before. Found this pattern rather ingenious, all in one piece, starting with a horseshoe- shaped sole and then working up from there. Rather different than how most socks are made, or at least I think so. Having to work with 4 or 5 double-pointed needles as many sock patterns state, sounds quite complicated. I have been told by other, more experienced knitters that socks are not that difficult, once the basic technique is mastered; perhaps I will attempt when feeling a bit more ambitious. Definitely not a project for ‘on the go’ though.

 For now, I will just enjoy my Toasty Toes Slippers (pattern available at the Lion Brand site). Warm, pretty and just the right fit!

 Success at last!                     Horse-shoe sole

DSCN0148.JPG      DSCN0149.JPG   

 Openwork texture              Stripes anyone???

DSCN0151.JPG      DSCN0152.JPG


3 responses

  1. Very cool….I’m impressed! I have never made socks before, but one day I’ll learn. There’s a way of using 2 circular needles instead of the double-points that I would like to try. My knitting dream is to make Christmas stockings! Someone made one for me when I was about 5 years old, and I still have it! 🙂 Your toes definitely look warm and fuzzy.

  2. Thanks for your warm and fuzzy note 🙂 Kim. I like my booties but I would much rather be wearing sandals, with socks or without hahahah…

    BFN , Geraldine

  3. I had the same problem. My first pair of socks came out big. I swear I was matching the gauge, so I’m glad to hear you had the same problem. I’ve started on a second pair and am making them in a smaller size.

    I like the idea of starting with the sole and working up.

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