Salt of the Earth…

DSCN00371.JPG More and more people are switching to sea salt and other types of  better quality food salts, to eliminate from their diet the additives and chemicals that are often added to regular iodized table salt.I have found one particular brand of sea salt that stands out from the rest. RealSalt really is different and adds a delicious, fresh flavor to foods. It even looks different. RealSalt has a very pale pink hue and the tiny specks of color, provide essential trace minerals, including natural iodine.  

Extracted from an area of Utah that was once a huge ancient sea, the salt is hand-selected and processed without additives, chemicals or heat-processing. Available in a variety of grinds and kosher-friendly, there is also a new organic seasoning line available from RealSalt.

Check out the site link for RealSalt to read more about their products and company.   


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  1. Hi there! This is Kim (carolinapurl) from the southeastern US. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind note. I’m happy to find your blog, and it seems we share some common interests….namely, cooking and eating healthy foods, yarn, and crazy cats! I’ll be visiting often.

    I’m so impressed that you’ve written a cookbook–congratulations to you.

    Thank you for the RealSalt tip…I’ll check them out. I love sea salt and am currently using La Baleine, a French brand.

    Much success to you!

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