Seed aka Moss, finally the RIGHT pattern

I had been searching for a sweater to make for my partner Joe for quite awhile but every pattern I looked at had some drawback. Too complicated, too simple, wrong style, no style, ugly yarns suggested etc…. and here I was with a gorgeous stash of a beige tweed Lopi, just waiting for the right sweater to come along.Being an advanced beginner (probably for too long !) I tend to aim for the most ‘bang for the buck’ in the easier patterns. Good classic/basic style but not too many intricate details and stitches to contend with. As I said before, I like knitting and crochet for the relaxation factor, not for another stressor to add to an already too-long list (but that’s another story or three) .After weeks of searching, I ended up buying the new Lopi # 24 book and found a really nice cardigan (#3 in the book) to make for my Joe. Seed stitch (aka moss) so nice texture and not complicated. Nice style, especially for a cardigan, not one my Dad would have worn (or Arnold Palmer!!!)  Joe is blessed with being tall and thin so practically anything looks good on him. He also eats like a wolf, especially when I am cooking (his comment/compliment, not mine) without gaining an ounce of flab. Lucky guy! 


The back of the sweater is already shaping up nicely. It’s also a great take-along project, no row counting either. I think seed aka moss is a stitch I will be coming back to again and again. It adds so much to a simple pattern and that’s my kind of knitting!!!! There are also a lot of other great new patterns in this new Lopi book, for kids and adults, even some décor items….definitely worth checking out.                

Thanks so much for your comments!

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