Walk on a Winter’s Day


Chilled to the bone, the frosty sheer air.
Winter again, unrelenting, inevitably here.
The stillness of a new untouched morning,
Still ours alone to share.

The trees, a wonderland of beauty,
Boughs lush with white diamonds,
Dreamlike, in a haze of soft gray sky.
A picture,well-worth a thousand words.

Bundled and mittened, we walk on….
Determined, sure-footed,facing the elements.
Brave against the chill.
Your hand in mine, snug and secure.
The cold less bitter,because you are near.

Step after step,we trudge the brilliant white mile.
Smug in our solitude, nothing to fear.
With chocolate and kisses, waiting in the warmth.
To welcome us home,again, glad to be here.

Copyright ©2006 Geraldine Helen Hartman



One response

  1. email friend Elaine

    Just wanted to tell you that I love your poem. I read it about every two or three days, it holds such feeling. Now the snow is almost gone your poem holds even more meaning.
    Thank you for writing it.


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