The poncho that was not to be….

Ok, I admit it, I wanted a Martha Stewart: Coming Home, (aka) Going Home,Getting Out, Done my Time, Leaving the Big House Poncho when she WAS getting out. All over the Internet, patterns were popping up, photos of Martha, smiling and waving, sporting her going-away gift from a fellow inmate. I wanted a Martha poncho and I was determined to have one soon.

One of the patterns called for Galaxy yarn, something that was available in Canada so I went to check out the celestial colors and came home with a bag full of Jupiter, crochet hook poised and ready to go. I was not prepared for what it was like to be working with this lumpy,bumpy yarn, let alone trying to keep track of the shells in the pattern. I struggled along, finally admitting that perhaps the knitted version might be easier. I try to knit and crochet to relax, all I was doing was getting more frustrated by the minute.

 The knitting didn’t go any better. Again, hard to follow the pattern and now I seemed to be dropping stitches along the way. I know I am no expert but I have done my fair share of both crafts, why was this ending up being such a chore? And why couldn’t I have my Martha poncho like everyone else (or so I thought).

Finally, admitting defeat, I got out some of my bigger knitting needles (12mm) and just started by casting on as many stitches as I could cram on the needle, over a hundred for sure. I love throws! If I couldn’t end up with a “Martha poncho” at least I would have another cozy throw to add to the collection. And, in a pinch, I could still wear it as a poncho hahaha…Small consolation but this yarn wasn’t going to beat me!

I knitted the hours away, whereever and whenever the spirit moved me, this was so easy and relaxing and the results looked good. Of course I needed to add to the stash of Galaxy I started with, by the time I was finished, I went through 6 extra balls. But with a nice thick triple fringe on each end and my usual (brag, brag…) very even tension, the throw turned out nice. A friend stopped by yesterday and commented on the beautiful new throw. She IS an expert knitter so her comment made me feel even better. Intricate patterns have their place and time but even simple projects can be fun to make and great to enjoy when they are done. If it’s just another stressor, who needs it !!!



2 responses

  1. email friend Elaine

    From beginning to end made me feel like I was the one making the throw. You have such a way of expressing all that happens that it draws one in.
    Thank you for sharing this episode with all.

  2. Thanks Elaine, I hope you will visit again soon and often….Great to hear from you! Cheers and BFN….

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