Book Review: Cat Haiku by Deborah Smith


This eBook is definitely Mr. Cheddar approved too! ;)

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Originally posted on My Poetic Path:

cat haiku ebook

If you love all things feline and even better, haiku poetry too (like I do) you will definitely want to check out my new review of:

 Cat Haiku by Deborah Smith.


Have a wonderful weekend. :) I hope it’s nice and sunny wherever you are!

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Feline Fun: It’s Troll Doll Cheddie! ;-)


cheddie as a troll


Hope this brings a big smile to your day!

I was a big fan of troll dolls, years ago; but I never had one as cute as this. ;)

Trend Watch: Cuddle Up & Get Cozy


Fall definitely is on the way, my fav season of the year. :)

Here are some lovely autumn “finds” from the Fiesta Cat Yarn Co. blog.

What is your favorite season and why? 

Originally posted on Fiesta Cat Yarn Co.:


Solid Jersey Twist Headband (ThreeBirdNest, $24)

Vintage Cardigan Sweater (Raxclothing, $30)

Crochet Apple Cozy (According To Panda, $12.34+)

Knitted Mug Cozy (TheLeftHandedHooker, $14.50)

Cozy Fleece Throw / Stadium Blanket (Doodlegirls, $22)

Cacao Chokola Hot Chocolate Mix (flyingbirdbotanicals, $8.75)

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On the Menu Last Night: Easy Vegetable Curry


I’m in “curry mode” these days, ;) so thought it was a good time to share this post/recipes again, here at Veggies. I just love a good curry, don’t you? 

I am making this curry dinner again for tomorrow’s supper.

I hope you enjoy this easy main dish (and the other recipes featured) soon. :)

Happy Cooking and Week!

Originally posted on VEGGIES, YARNS & TAILS:

It was a sweltering day here in BC yesterday at 35+ C.

Of all things, I was craving a curry! More hot stuff.

This is one of our fav main dishes and it didn’t take long at all to make.

I had rice ready to go beforehand. Added chopsticks for fun (I love eating with them) and cashews to top and it was a supper, good to go! 

Here’s thelink to the recipe for my version of vegetable curry and also the other recipesshown in this photo. 

Hope you enjoy this for dinner soon too. :)


PS: Badly-needed rain is in the forecast today. Here’s hoping it actually does.

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A Very Easy Diet Tip (that works) ;-)



olive oilI have been making a real effort over the summer to get into even better shape, fitness-wise.

Although I regularly do a lot of walking (fitness walking usually indoors with a DVD and leisure walking out and about) and also yoga, I had not kept up my strength training as much as I should have. That I have been really working on and my arms in particular are looking a lot more toned now and I’m much stronger too. What a great feeling! :)

Another thing I’ve been working on is to stop snacking at night and for this I found an easy way to make that possible, every day.

Here’s my easy diet tip:

I take 1-2 Tablespoons of Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil on an empty stomach (one hour before or after eating/drinking anything else) during the day (for me, it’s usually just 1 T. at around 3 PM)  and voila, my desire to snack or to overeat is gone. It might sound amazing but it works. And without using the oil, I have to have a snack at night or I can’t fall asleep. 

This is something I learned while following the Shangri-La diet, several years ago. 

You can read more about the oil I am using for this “diet” and also about my previous experiences with the Shangri-La diet here.

Sometimes simple can work better than anything! :)

I’m soooo happy not to be snacking after supper anymore, otherwise eating sensibly but pretty well what I like and STILL losing weight easily.

Happy Weekend! 

Summer Celebration Salad


Salads can be healthy and gorgeous too! This one certainly is proof of that.

I’m putting the ingredients on my grocery list for this week.

Thanks to Chef Julianna for sharing this oh so yummy-looking, late summer recipe.

Happy long weekend everyone! :-)

Originally posted on Foodie On Board:

Summer Celebration Salad

Summer Celebration Salad

The vibrant colours of summer! It just doesn’t get any better! There are so many reasons why I might pick a particular recipe for my blog, but today’s recipe simply came down to the glorious colours! From the very moment I laid my eyes on this recipe in Whitewater Cooks with Friends by Shelley Adams, I felt compelled to recreate this show-stopper in my own kitchen. This salad is destined to become the centre-piece of any barbeque or buffet you will have this summer! Just search out the freshest ingredients to make the flavours really sing.  I had to do a bit of searching for the striped beets, but I was ecstatic when I found them in my local organic market. As I was putting it all together, I realized that the ingredient list is pretty flexible. Find your favourites berries and fruits and piece them all…

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How Is Your Summer Going ???



Hi there…hope you are all enjoying a great summer so far.

It’s not over yet is it?  But there is a bit of a chill in the air at night now, here in BC. I love fall so that’s OK by me! :)

It’s been very hectic here. I’ve been working an “outside” job part-time and we are still looking at options for where to move. Lots of other good things in the works too. My three new books have been on hold though, so that is one downside of having more than enough “on my plate”. 

I look forward to catching up and visiting all of you, very soon.

For now, have a great week! Lots of hugs, G

So long for now and….


have a beautiful summer

I’ve got some wonderful online and offline projects on the go that are keeping me very busy these days.

So, I’ve decided to take a blog break for the next few weeks.

We are also in the process of getting ready to move by late fall, so that’s going to take up time too. 

Seems that a lot of other bloggers are quiet right now, judging by the decrease in posts I’m seeing in my WP Reader. 

I hope that you all have an amazing and memorable summer, in every way. :)

Have You Ever Made Rye Bread from Scratch?

rye bread

I’m making scratch rye bread this afternoon, after finding this yummy-sounding (and easy) recipe over at:

The Hungry Mouse

(click to see full recipe with how-to photos).

I’ve printed out the recipe and have all the ingredients on hand, so I’m ready to go!

I love making scratch breads. Such fun and a good arm workout too. ;)

Speaking of printing the recipe, if you copy it  from The Hungry Mouse, you’ll just get the text when you paste, which suited me fine. I didn’t want to have to delete all the photos before printing. ;) The photo above is actually from Flickr. 

For any of you who have tried rye bread making before, you’ll probably already know that a lot of these recipes are complicated and take a lot of time. This one doesn’t. 

I’ll let you know how mine turns out.

It’s a perfect day for baking here in BC, rather chilly and rainy. 

How is your weather?

We are having a cool start to summer here but that’s just fine by me.

Happy Baking. :)

Bread photo courtesy of : Flickr

And the Winners of the Veggies…Summer Giveaway Are… :-)

**Diane at Garden Sunshine has won 2 Lucky Penny Pouches**

**Wendy at Green Light Lady has won the Cotton Crochet Shawl**

**Katherine at Pillows A La Mode has won the 3 Kindle Books**


Diane and Wendy, please send me your mailing address:

 (veggiecook at myway  .com)

and I’ll get your prizes sent out.

Katherine, I just need your email address to send your Amazon gift downloads.

Hope you all enjoy your prizes and Happy Weekend to All! ;)


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